A little background about our owners and the expertise that led them TetraPoint!

Our industry consultant-Military Veteran...

This TetraPoint partner founded a successful security firm in 2014, after returning from overseas details and focused on the lack of security and safety in the cannabis industry.  He's provided a range of services to that industry which includes transporting currency and product from dispensaries to banking institutions and from production facilities to retail around the state of Maine.

Initiating and implementing a law enforcement liaison program, he's bridging the gap between local police departments and dispensaries staff resulting in a good working relationship between both entities.  He and his staff provide at regular intervals, incident-based training for dispensary employees and retail operations.  He's testified several times before the State's cannabis regulatory and implementation board sharing his expertise as the state of Maine grapples with legal recreational use.  

He completed 33 years in law enforcement and served for 15 years in the United States Army both active duty and in the reserves where he was deployed to Bosnia and Irag.  In 2012, he spent a year in Afghanistan as a Law Enforcement Professional providing training for a covert Afghan police unit.  He is a graduate of both Military and Law Enforcement schools and received his BS in Criminology from Husson University.

Our tactical | managerial specialist...

This partner has a degree in criminal justice and has spent over twenty years in law enforcement. The majority of his career has been while assigned to a Special Response Team (SWAT). He was promoted to Team Leader and was responsible for operational planning, along with the management and oversight of tactical operational training.

This specialist attended NTOA SWAT commander school; supervisor school for leadership and management; trained in crisis intervention methodology; and served as an instructor in firearms and defensive tactics. His most recent role involved the day to day management of subordinate officers and evaluating them in an effort to achieve superior quality and effectivity. He’s the recipient of two bravery awards, several unit citations and letters of commendation.

Our special forces-Military Veteran | entrepreneurial expert...

A driven and focused entrepreneur, one TetraPoint owner is diversified across multiple industries while remaining tied to a long-term goal of continually developing real estate holdings and pursuing all opportunities. He currently owns and operates two successful restaurants in Portland and South Portland, Maine, as well as a state-of-the-art Car Wash facility in South Portland. He developed each operating company from the ground up; construction completed under his guidance as the General Contractor. To date, he's led over 10M in construction projects in the state of Maine.

Prior to residing in Maine, he was an active duty Navy SEAL and completed four deployments in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. During his time in the service, he was privileged to have worked with and led over 100 combat missions with some of America's finest warriors. Awarded the Bronze Star Medal (with Valor) for service in the Al Anbar Providence of Iraq during what became known as "The Awakening," he provided a key component to Coalition Strategies in an extremely tense time.

A graduate of the United State Naval Academy, Cum Laude with a BS degree in Ocean Engineering, he currently resides in Maine with his 4 children and is a board member with the Maine Restaurant Association, K9s On The Frontline, and Hope For The Warriors. Along with his philanthropic work, coaches Little League Baseball, his daughter’s basketball team, and is active in local politics