Business Security

Event | Site Protection

We provide highly trained and skilled personnel to conceal themselves into an event or site situation for the purpose of possible threat assessment and adequate response. We work hand in hand with local law enforcement and event security personnel.

School and Religious Institution Security

TetraPoint provides retired and former law enforcement personnel along with veterans who have extensive security and safety experience. Together, we work with administration and staff to proactively build a protective platform towards the goal of preventing school and religious institution violence.

Our staff will provide an extensive safety and security assessment and provide real options for prevention and reaction. Solid and direct communication is a must between administration, staff, students, city, and town officials in making safety a priority. TetraPoint will work with police resource officers in conjunction with local and state law enforcement in planning and training for any security challenge.

Courier Service

TetraPoint provides services to convey and protect high value items in transit such as jewelry, currency, and highly sensitive documents.

Professional Investigations

Our team is comprised of former law enforcement personnel with over 55 years of investigative experience. We have expertise in the areas of investments and securities cases, internal corporate issues, security consulting, missing persons, surveillance, interviewing, litigation support, and background investigations, among others.

Law Enforcement Liaison Program

TetraPoint provides a bridge with local, county and state law enforcement and owners and staff to open up communications and present a transparent relationship. This gives both staff and officers an opportunity to meet and develop a great working partnership.


TetraPoint helps to ensure the safety of your workplace by providing professionals with previous law enforcement and military experience to train you so that your staff and customers are safe.

Polygraph Services

Providing professional and respected certified examiners for the legal community. Criminal and civil matters we’re prepared to handle include law enforcement and security for investigations; internal affairs and applicant screening; and business needs for internal theft and economic losses.

Drone Options

Our trained and certified operators can provide aerial security surveillance for commercial and residential properties along with search and rescue operations.

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Threats against business, as well as the potential for loss and liability, are greater than ever in today’s business environment. Information, knowledge, and experienced resources are key to lessening that risk in all areas of your industry. Our business security and risk management professionals specialize in identification and mitigation of today’s threats and help to provide secure and safe options for your business.

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