Discreet delivery of product to secured location.

Cannabis Security

Transport and Deposit of Currency and Products

Our personnel present a low key discrete presence during pick up and transport of currency and cannabis from dispensary to financial institutions, and from grow and manufacturing locations to dispensary. Our couriers are equipped with both currency and product tracking devices. Our personnel are all former/retired law enforcement officers as well as veterans with both security and investigative backgrounds.

Law Enforcement Liaison Program

TetraPoint provides a bridge with local, county and state law enforcement and dispensary owners and staff to open up communications and present a transparent relationship. This gives both staff and officers an opportunity to meet and develop a great working partnership.

Tracking Devices and Services

TetraPoint will provide both currency and product tracking devices through 3SI to protect cash and cannabis transports as well as dispensary operations. 3SI systems are linked directly to local and state law enforcement dispatch for immediate response and recovery. This provides another layer of safety and security for staff and customers as well as to law enforcement.

Structural Security Consultation and Implementation

We have one of the best structural security specialists in the industry who will assess your needs and concerns and make recommendations to address your requirements. Acting upon an agreement with you, we will develop and implement a state-of-the-art security system for your facilities.

Staff Training

We provide safety and security training on a regular basis for dispensary staff, including incident-based situations, such as armed and unarmed robberies, and dealing with mentally challenged individuals. We also include local law enforcement participation.

We can help you.

As a leader in security solutions, we have developed a multi-pronged suite of services to add structure and support to this emerging industry. We have staff specialists who anticipate and put plans in place to tackle the issues that occur with this unique product. At a time when guidelines, practice and enforcement are at a transition, we are here to help you and your business navigate through the changing regulations, liabilities, and security needs.

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