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Domestic Security

Personal Drivers

Our protection professionals are specialists in security driving and transportation situations. Equally important, they are experts in advance and logistics planning, threat assessment, crisis management, and emergency response.

Stalking | Witness Protection

We provide services that facilitate the daily movements and peace of mind for our clients. Our professional training and expertise is focused on planning for, anticipating, and avoiding any situation that could negatively impact our client. We provide assistance before and during trial to cope with the psychological and practical obstacles of testifying.

Professional Investigations

Our team is comprised of former law enforcement personnel with over 40 years of investigative experience. We have expertise in the areas of investments and securities cases, internal corporate issues, security consulting, missing persons, surveillance, interviewing, litigation support, and background investigations, among others.

Firearms Training

We provide reality-based firearms and self-defense training in New England and throughout the country. We offer education from beginners to advanced which starts in the classroom with a basic firearms safety class followed by live-fire instruction on the range.

We can help you.

Our highly respected security professionals bring with them their law enforcement and military experience so that you can have a safe and secure environment for yourself and those you care about.

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We Provide Personal Safety

If you have concerns around personal safety or any domestic security needs, please give us a call today so we can put your mind at ease. We provide consulting services, drivers, and more, in the state of Maine and beyond.