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Who are we?


An innovative security service provider working throughout New England and beyond, whose owners are entrepreneurs with backgrounds in law enforcement, military special forces, covert operations and tactics. We offer discreet organic security solutions for domestic protection and commercial security, specializing in the cannabis industry. We provide secure, discreet transportation; expertly trained K9 protection; developed relationships with law enforcement and government officials; liability risk assessments; tactical training; and so much more. Put our team to work so you’re confident that you and your business are as secure as they need to be.  

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Why us?


We bring over 130 years of collective law enforcement, tactical operations, and security experience! Our firm was founded by partners with expertise in Military Special Forces and Law Enforcement  fields. All our personnel have vast, specialized skills honed in discreet, covert tactical operations. We understand the needs, stresses, and liabilities that come with being business owners. We know how to work with law enforcement because we've worked as officers and understand the nature and pressures of the industry. We can liaise with agencies that we have developed relationships with over years of engagement and experience. We understand the regulations of the growing cannabis industry because we have been working in and around the industry.  We are fully insured. We can appease your stresses by taking on your liabilities. We can provide your business with a variety of services.

Our Company

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Our Services

Business Security

Building with Security Lock by TetraPoint

Threats against business, as well as the potential for loss and liability, are greater than ever in today’s business environment.

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Cannabis Security


As a leader in security solutions, we have developed a multi-pronged suite of consulting services to add structure and support to this emerging industry.

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Domestic Security

Person with Protection by TetraPoint

Our highly respected security professionals bring with them their law enforcement and military experience so that you can have a safe and secure environment for yourself and those you care about.

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